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Corals Under the Sea

About Us

ClimaCrew is working towards scaling seaweed production though the use of data, technology and social sciences. We are a jointly promoted by the promoters of Excel Industries, Pidilite Industries and Mentorcap Pvt Ltd. 

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  1. Digital literacy and capacity development of fisherfolks cultivating seaweed

  2. A full stack technology platform for cultivation, processing, and marketplace

  3. National and international partnership for promoting growth of the overall sector

  4. Measurable tools for carbon sequestration of the oceans

  5. Address the triple bottom line through livelihood enablement and climate resilient agriculture

Our Vision

Our mission is to make India a significant player in the global seaweed space. Through our advanced technology platform, we bring together suppliers and buyers of diverse seaweed products, catering to the worldwide demand for seaweed. Our efforts in the seaweed sector are focused on creating livelihood opportunities and enhancing marine resilience.

Our Mission


Our History

It was decided to seriously understand seaweeds and their role in reversing climate change, while developing deep understanding of its potential as a vital and sustainable resource for a variety of basic needs of people and planet

Inspired by the article by reputed Australian Scientist Dr. Tim Flannery on the importance of seaweed photosynthesis in capturing CO2, it was decided to explore the possibilities of cultivating seaweed in India and understand its role in reversing climate change, and its potential as a vital and sustainable resource.

ClimaCrew Private Limited, promoted by the Excel Industries, Pidilite and MentorCap (part of Mamta Group) was incorporated to digitally connect various seaweed stakeholders and to support the growth of the industry.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Ashwin Shroff (Chairman, Excel Industries).

Mr. Ashwin Shroff

Chairman, Excel Industries

PankajK umar Shukla (Head of CSR, Pidilite).

Dr. Pankaj Shukla

Head of CSR, Pidilite

Dr. Susanta Kundu (COO, Excel Innovation Center).

Dr. Susanta Kundu

COO, Excel Innovation center

Rahul Mehta (Founder, Mentorcap Pvt. Ltd.).

Mr. Rahul Mehta

Founder, Mentorcap Pvt Ltd

Key Management

Devleena Bhattacharjee (COO, ClimaCrew)

Devleena Bhattacharjee



Capt. Kapildev Bahl (Advisor).

Capt. KapilDev Bahl


Suresh Pathankar (Advisor).

Mr. Suresh Patankar


Meet our platform business team

Zen Garden

Employee Welfare Benefits

Where we prioritize not just work, but the well-being and satisfaction of our valued team members. Our commitment to fostering a positive and supportive work environment extends professional growth; it encompasses your overall quality of life.
At ClimaCrew, we understand the significance of a comprehensive employee benefits program. Explore the range of benefits we offer, designed to enhance your work-life balance, health, and financial security.

Your success and well-being are our priorities!


  • Working hours and time off

  • Skill Development

  • Mentor Opportunities

  • Lunch Facility Mumbai HO (at subsidized rates)


  • Health Insurance

  • Personal Accidental Insurance


  • Gratuity based on eligibilty also includes a life cover.

  • Enrollment in PMSBY and PMJJBY

  • Personal finance benefits - Tax Planning


  • Work-Life balance

  • Mobility and office setup

Health Benefits

"At ClimaCrew, we have opted a gold plan in addition to the base plan covering personal accident, critical illness benefits, air ambulance, and air-TOP-UP facility for our employees"​

Financial Security

  1. Gratuity Accruals are yet to begin for employees - we are in setup process for Gratuity Trust creation

  2. Enrolment in PMSBY and PMJJBY is a voluntary basis enrolment for all staff members. The awareness about both the schemes was released to employees.

  3. Personal finance benefits in terms of Tax Planning - The guidelines for Income tax Declarations FY 23-24 have been hosted for everyone to plan on their yearly income on projections and actuals.

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