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Our Impact

Our mission at ClimaCrew is built on the three core principles of People, Planet, and Profit. We firmly believe in creating a positive impact by prioritizing the well-being of individuals, safeguarding our environment, and ensuring the sustainable growth of our business.


India has been cultivating seaweed for the last 20 years but is still at 0.02% of the global population. The seaweed supply chain in India is highly disorganized, does not use technology, is not climate resilient, and suffers from poor-quality output.


We analyse satellite and marine data for analyzing the best seaweed spots, applies marine engineering in the identified areas for building sustainable marine farms, uses data collected to analyse supply chain for tracking and tracing of production quality and quantity and a digital marketplace for connecting the ecosystem.

Why Us?

Our group of promoters has deep legacy experience of agri chemicals, green chemistry, large scale industrial equipment's. Our group of advisors, each have 30+ years of experience in marine sciences, marine engineering, and bio-chemistry. Our executive group has deep expertise of sustainable fishing, geospatial sciences, artificial intelligence and data science.

Rocky Coast

Cultivating a greener tomorrow!

ClimaCrew Farms

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